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    Default Super Talent Ships new DDR3 VLP RDIMM

    Very Low Profile DDR3 Module Designed for ATCA, Embedded and Blade Server Applications

    San Jose, California - August 18, 2009 - Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced a very low profile (VLP) DDR3-1333 Registered DIMM designed for use in servers with compact and low-profile enclosures.

    This 2GB ECC registered module is only 0.72-inches tall, nearly half an inch shorter than standard height DDR3 modules. "We made this product for high density servers and embedded computers where space inside the chassis is severely constrained", explained Super Talent Director of Marketing, Joe James. VLP modules also make sense in 1U servers since their small stature improves airflow inside the chassis.

    Another big advantage of VLP modules is that they require about 40% less PCB material to produce, and they weigh about 20% less compared to standard height modules. This means VLP DIMMs cost less to ship and are more eco-friendly than standard height modules.

    This module, part number W13VB2G8x, is organized as a 256M x 72 dual rank 240-pin DIMM. It is fully JEDEC compliant and has been validated on Supermicro® server boards to ensure reliability.

    Like all Super Talent DDR3 server memory, this module includes a JEDEC standard thermal sensor in the EEPROM that measures actual temperature on the module. If the module temperature rises above a threshold level the memory clock speed can be throttled via the SM bus to protect the memory components against overheating. The W13VB2G8x is available today directly from Super Talent's OEM sales force.
    Source : Super Talent

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