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Thread: Initial test of a Super-value motherboard, DFI INFINITY P965-S Dark!!

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    Default Initial test of a Super-value motherboard, DFI INFINITY P965-S Dark!!

    Infinity P965-S has been launched into market about a month.
    Some of articles in different forum are showing that Infinity P965-S’s OC
    ability is above the standard…

    I’d like to make an introduction about OC and related features about this

    The package design is emphasize the “Dark” , Dark color like style.
    Recently, the package designs of DFI mid-range or high-end product also
    have their own style.

    The bundled accessories
    No matter, the menu or driver CD are also use dark color style.

    The motherboard itself…
    The “dark style” is applied to PCB and NB/ SB heat sink.

    The lower left of the board:
    2 of PCI-e x16 and support CF mode(x16 + x4)
    2 of PCI-e x1
    The rest are 2 of traditional PCI slots.

    The lower left of the board,
    South bridge is adopted ICH8R
    Built-in “on board” power and reset button
    8 of SATA2 slots, which are supports RAID0,1,0+1, 5.

    The upper left of the board:
    4 DIMMs for DDR2 memory
    A 24 + 8 Pin power input and a IDE device.

    The upper left of the board:
    There is a nice arrangement around the CPU area;
    it’s enough space to equip any big size cooler.
    Then, 4-phase digital PWM is adopted.

    I/O parts…
    The S/PDIF output and the High-definition 8 channels audio

    DFI has chosen a bigger heat sink for the North Bridge this time.

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    21 Sep 2006


    About the BIOS part:
    The main page

    The main “adjusting page”

    CPU information

    DRAM options page:
    The BIOS options of INFINTY are a little “user friendly” than other series.

    Range of FSB: 266 to 700MHz

    DDRII clocking ration: 533/ 677/ 800

    Voltage options page

    The highest voltage that we can add is 0.7875V.

    The highest voltage for DDRII that I can reach is 3.375V. really a wide range.

    2 VTT options that you needed to take care, if you reached FSB500 or

    NB voltage

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    21 Sep 2006


    System for the test
    CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E6420
    HD:Seagate 7200.7 80GB
    POWER:Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply
    Cooler:TT Big Typhoon VX

    DARK, driver installation page

    CPU overclock parts….
    It is easy to reach 500MHz, without any additional voltage
    for VTT and NB
    DDRII 1002 CL4 4 3-9 2.33V( a tight setting for DDRII)
    SUPER PI 32M 14m03s

    DDRII 1002 CL5 5-5-15 2.04V(auto setting of DDRII )
    SUPER PI 32M 14m26s

    Dual Super PI 32M

    The limit of the FSB is approximately 505 MHz,
    which’s without any additional voltage for chipset.
    Of course, it’s related to CPU itself.

    I have made a strict parameter for DRAM settings of INFINITY P965-S…
    Then, there is a very good result from Super PI.

    CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF

    DDRII 1200 CL5 5-5-15 2.33V
    SUPER PI 32M


    VGA: 675Mhz/2.02GHz





    The advantages:
    1)For a fully solid capacitors version, the price is really reasonable.
    2)The BIOS has a gigantic options for tweak, particularly the voltage options
    3)It is not hard to let the CPU reached FSB500MHz without any additional
    4)DRAM can reach 1200 level. So far, only ASUS P5B high-end model can
    does the same

    The defects:
    1)Late market launching, might be lost some opportunity in market.
    2)There is no Dark logo for the opening scene, when the system gets start.

    DFI has a good improvement these days….
    Such like product package….from RD600 to now 965S, 680i….they truly found
    their “characteristic” in concept. Further, the OC ability is a main advantage
    of DFI boards as the past. Compares to other products that based on P965,
    DFI’s INFINITY P965-S DARK is almost one of the best board in the industry.
    It’s also a very good Intel platform too.

    The next test:
    The OC master of integrated platform>> BIOSTAR TA690G AM2

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    Mahora Library


    Thank you very much!!!
    เหอๆ แรงไปหมดทุกอย่างเลยนะฮะ แต่ออกมาช้าไปม้าง
    Dominator นี่ดูมีพลังจริงๆเลยนะฮะ หุหุ

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    ดำ ตัด ขาว

    ส้วยยยยยยย น่าใช้

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    อยู่แบบพอเพียงเถอะ โยมม

    ตัดซึ่งกิเลส ราคะ


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    SLI หรือ Crossfire ครับ ?

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    พูดไม่ออก แต่ผมชอบDS3-4 มากกว่า

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    อิอิ ท่านนี้เค้าไม่ค่อยว่างมั้ง ลงหลายเวบ




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