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    Default How to directly backup your Blu-ray disks without loss on Mac?

    Nowadays, it is a usual thing for people to have lots of BD collections on hand. At the same time, how to keep these crispy disks in a proper way has become an extremely important thing. Because due to our carelessness, these picks are easy to be scratched or ruined. In such a case, people are searching for some practical ways to preserve their beloved Blu-ray movies, and backup these files to the hard drive of computers or to an external hard drive is one of the available methods among them. To help Mac users more efficiently complete copying Blu-ray movies, this post will show you how to do it without loss on Mac via the help of Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac. Just follow its step-by-step instruction with ease.

    You can download Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac here.

    Step 1: Import BD files

    There are two ways to import Blu-ray files, namely through “DVD Folder” and “IFO File”.

    Step 2: Choose “Directly Copy”

    At first, click on the drop-down button of “Format”, and then hit “Copy” and “Directly Copy”. Just like the following interface showing:

    Step 3: Set save path

    If you want to export the output files to your specified destination folder, you can hit “Browse” button to indicate a save path, otherwise, this program will load the output files to the folder set by default automatically.

    Step 4: Start directly copying

    After all the above mentioned steps are done, you can press “Convert” button to start copying. A proceeding interface will show you the copying info in detail, including copying progress, elapsed time, estimated left time, generated and estimated file size, so that you can arrange your time and HD space of your Mac properly.

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    Default convert .wmv to .mp4 mac

    We strongly recommend this powerful and practical wmv to mp4 converter mac
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