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    Exclamation ช่วยแปลประโยคเหล่านี้ทีครับ

    ใครโปรอังกฤษช่วยแปลหน่อยครับ วิธีทำtheme iphone ใน ppc wm5

    1- from http://www.lakeridgesoftware.com/?pg=beta
    download the new BETA application of Wisbar Advance 2 (file is wisbaradv2.armv4i.2_7_0_2.cab) AND Wisbar Advance new BETA (file is wisbardesktop.armv4i.1_2_0_9.cab). Grab the desktop installer if u dont know how to install cab files directly. My advice is to install em both on STORAGE CARD as they use A LOT of space. AND when you installing WA2, do not check the top box, something about using WA2 theme, again a lot of spaces wasted there. (or you can find the latest beta files in this zip file)

    2- next, unzip/unrar the folders u get from zip file. You will get:
    Contacts (copy this folder into main memory - themes - desktop folder after WAD install)
    dialpad (just copy to device and run)
    fonts (add to windows - fonts folder)
    keyboard skin (follow the instructions)
    mortplayer and iphone player theme (install and copy mpz file to mortplayer folder and select it)
    wisbar advance and wisbar advance desktop setup files for WM5 (latest beta)
    wisbar_advance_desktop_theme (copy into themes - desktop folder)
    wisbar_advance_theme (copy sd card or memory and select from WA settings)
    !!!pleaseReadMe.txt - this file

    3- Next, copy the osx_wa\files folder to the root of your storage card (to save space, but u can save it into your device, your call) MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT COPY THE OSX_WA\OSX_WA\FILES, JUST THE SUBFOLDER

    4- then, copy osx_wad\files folder into ur main storage under THEMES\DESKTOP folder, there should be some default folders in there

    5- and create a contacts folder under main memory/themes/desktop folder, then copy the image files which is using for a contact images in the contact dock (45x45 pixel png files).. after copy the images, select images after running wisbar advance from the contact dock

    6- Now go to start\program and go into wisbar advance 2 folder. Click on WisbarAdvance2 settings. Click on Customize, then Import Theme. Use the drop down button and look for storage card\osx_wa2 folder. Chose osx_wa file and click ok 3 times i think, until u get back to Wisbar Advance folder. Now Click on Wisbar Advance 2.

    7- Now i assume that you get to iphone skin. Now, to ensure that the WAD runs ok, click and hold in the middle of the screen. Ther will be a drop down menu and you click on Theme ManagerThen you click on Desktop Theme and if you copy the osx_wad folder properly there will be osx_wad option. choose it and click ok twice.

    So to summarize, the WA2 is to skin the menu button and backgrounds and the WAD is for the nifty button at the bottom of the screen ^^.


    8- OK, now you want the dialpad to look like iphone too, so lets install the cab file. just copy it into your storage card and run it using resco explorer or file explorer for you cheapos.

    9- if you want use the keyboard theme, please follow the instructions in the keyboard folder

    10- DON'T FORGET COPY THE FONTS INTO WINDOWS/FONTS FOLDER.. for better view, you can open the clearview in the settings / screen / clearview


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