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Thread: Breakthrough FSB550, the high C/P ratio DFI Blood-Iron launched!!

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    Default Breakthrough FSB550, the high C/P ratio DFI Blood-Iron launched!!

    Intel launched their P35 chipset more than 3 months.
    I remember that when P965 launched last year,
    all motherboard manufacturers were rush to release related products.
    From the beginning, Gigabyte’s 965-DS3 priced around USD$160.
    no matter OC or the components it used are really splendid.
    DFI’ P965 is not bad at OC record, but the price around USD$180.

    Nowadays, the P35 chipset motherboards are also the same in the situation.
    The prices are down to NT$5000 or cheaper…
    This one is the excellent entry-level platform for “performance users”.

    DFI has already launched their high-end LANParty UT P35-T2R.
    It takes advantage of its good OC ability and the unique heat pipe,
    to gather the reputation from market; nevertheless,
    the price is a bit higher than Asus, Gigabyte and MSI’s top models…

    For this reason DFI launches a new P35 model in market.
    The price is also reasonable between other manufacturers.
    It is DFI Blood-Iron Inf. P35-T2RL a new “sub-series”.

    They use a new tone to this new model. The crimson color is really eye-catching.

    The package box adopts a “relief” style. It seems more tasteful than in INF. NF4 period.

    The inside box accessories:
    Wow, all the way “Red”, even though, the label of floppy disk is also in red.

    A smaller PCB form factors.

    The lower left of the board:
    1 x PCI-E X16
    2 x PCI-E X1
    3 x PCI
    The audio codec adopted Realtek ALC885, which supports 7.1ch.
    This model is higher than ALC888. besides, LAN chip is adopt Marvell 88E8053.

    The lower right of the board:
    6 x SATAII (SB adopted Intel ICH9R)
    1 x Floppy (almost no one needs it today)

    The upper right corner of the board:
    1 x IDE (JMicron JMB368)
    4 x DIMM DDRII, supports 533/667/800, maximum up to 1066.

    The upper left:
    4-phase PWM, all Japanese solid capacitors around it.

    IO interface:
    6 x USB2.0 and S/PDIF connector

    DFI uses a bigger black heat sink for NB chip

    BIOS options
    Start-up screen

    BIOS main page

    Main page for tweaking

    CPU Features

    DRAMs’ Timing options

    CPU FSB’s range: 200~700Mhz

    DRAM speed ratios

    The voltage option pages

    The highest voltage that you can add for CPU is 787.5mV

    DDRII voltage range: from 1.800 to 3.375v

    PC Health Status:
    3.3V/ 5V/ 12V, it seems a bit low when test…

    The BIOS options are almost as rich as the highest-end UT P35-T2R.
    Although, the price of INF P35 is quite cheaper than LP’s one,
    but I think the Overclock performance should has a “closer” record to LP P35.
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    CPU:INTEL Core 2 Duo E6700
    MB: DFI INF P35-T2RL
    DRAM: CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF
    HD: WD1600AAJS
    POWER: Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply
    Cooler: Thermaltake V1

    The drivers installation screen

    The CPU I got is good for OC.
    Well, I’ll try to test the board without add extra voltage to SB.
    FSB543, Super PI 32M finished the test.

    I tried to add the voltage “1 level up” for related chipset
    For SB Core/ CPU PLL Voltage are up to 1.95V

    FSB 555MHz, Dual Super PI 32m finished

    560MHz, DDRII 1200, CL5
    Dual Super PI 32m finished

    I tried to run some 3D stability test under high FSB


    Intel chipset also did a good job in DRAM OC.
    DDRII 1150, CL5 5-5-18


    The goods:
    1)As we know, P35 normally is not cheap, but DFI set its price at around USD$140.
    nice price and good performance motherboard.
    2)The package design has a “unify look/ style”, truly eye-catching
    3)BIOS options for voltage and others are rich.
    Almost can compare to highest-end product
    4)FSB OC performance is better than others in same level, DDRII also performs good too.

    The bads:
    1)If the board has one more PCIe for Crossfire, it would be better
    2)3.3v/ 5v/ 12v, the motherboard voltage support modes seems a bit few
    3)If the board has a on board Power and Reset button would be better too.

    This brand new “Blood Iron” model uses a total-red design is really eye-catching. Also,
    the price around USD$140 or cheaper is nice for entry-level overclockers.
    I think MSI’s P35-FR is the pin-to-pin enemy to this model. In the way,
    it’s good to see more choices for consumers in market.

    My next review

    BIOSTAR TD35D3-A7 Deluxe

    MSI PR210


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    หุหุ เน็ตเต่า..

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    DFI Blood-Iron P35 9/13 new bios

    the same

    Add NB 1.7~1.77v is better for DRAM setting

    The new selection on DDR2

    DDRII 1150 CL5 5-5-15
    Dual Super PI 32m finished



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