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    Default DFI 662-TMG/G motherboard review-The Conroe supported SIS integrated budge solution

    After the official release of Intel Conroe CPU in the end of July,
    most of Conroe supported M/Bs are equipped with Intel 965/975 chipsets,
    price range from 130 ~ 300 US dollars, depends on its market segment.

    Although in general speaking, Intel chipsets have sound performance.
    Before the Intel 945 chipset will be released and supported Conroe CPU,
    This DFI 662-TMG/G comes with SIS 662 chipset and 85 U.S. dollars of the
    competitive price will certainly draw some attention in the retail market.

    Product package
    Not DFI Infinity or LanParty middle to higher range of product line.
    It is a general entry level product.

    Unambitious motherboard accessories and cables.

    Motherboard appearance
    All in one integrated product

    The lower right hand corner:
    SIS Mirage™ 1 graphics core,
    there is a PCI-E X16 slot and two PCI slots for expansion cards.

    The lower left hand corner:
    South bridge is SIS 966, built-in with four SATA ports
    and integrated with RAID 0, RAID 1 and JBOD functions.
    Just a pity this M/B does not support SATA II, but is still equipped with two
    IDE channels.

    The upper right hand corner
    Two single channel DRAM slots, support DDRII 533/667

    CPU surrounded area:
    3-phase PWM power design
    with good quality Solid Aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

    I/O components
    Realtek ALC655 6 channels audio chip
    SIS 196 Gigabit network controller

    Test environment
    CPU:INTEL Core 2 Extreme X6800
    MB: DFI 662-TMG/G
    DRAM:Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3
    VGA:ELSA 6800Ultra or SIS Mirage™ 1
    HD:Seagate 7200.7 80GB
    POWER:AcBel 550W

    The test in this review was conducted with Intel highest range Conroe X6800
    CPU, people asked the reason to use such high-end CPU, our reasons are:
    1.Currently we do not have extra budget to purchase an extra middle to
    lower range CPU for the review of low budget M/Bs, and this CPU is the only
    one came across at the time of our review.

    2.This review was done with this Conroe highest range X6800 CPU also
    proved this SIS 662 entry level M/B is capable of using Conroe high
    performance CPU.

    system setting
    CPU 266X11=>2.93G
    DRAM DDRII 667 1GBX1


    CPU Queen

    CPU ZLib

    FPU Julia

    Basic performance:
    The CPU performance does not drop much on this all in one M/B.

    DFI 662-TMG/G

    1. Low price “Conroe supported” M/B.
    2. One PCI-E 16X expansion slot
    3. The temperature on Southbridge and Northbridge keep in very acceptable
    range during system operation.

    1. does not support SATA II
    2. There is still plenty of room for the improvement on BIOS Overclock setting.
    3. No DVI connector

    Front Side Bus could reach 266Mhz stable, with Pentium D 805/PD915 and other Pentium 4 products.
    It will be a very economic PC solution to fit with Intel E4300 CPU for general
    usage in the future.

    The CPU frequency and built-in VGA performance will be on the next review…

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    DFI 662-TMG/G BIOS Introduction

    Frequency/Voltage Control page

    CPU clock setting range 266~533Mhz

    DRAM frequency ratio

    CPU VID Offset setting

    DDRII Voltage range

    Chip Set Voltage setting

    DRAM Clock/Timing Control

    Test Environment
    CPU:INTEL Core 2 Extreme X6800
    MB: DFI 662-TMG/G
    DRAM:Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3
    VGA:ELSA 6800Ultra
    HD:Seagate 7200.7 80GB
    POWER:AcBel 550W

    Note: The SIS Mirage™ 1 graphics core we mentioned in last review is
    actually an old chipset, and only support up to DX8 and comes with ordinary
    graphical display quality.

    Test this M/B with 6800Ultra graphics card
    CPU/VGA/DRAM all set to default



    Data transmission went smoothly during the test of high speed SD memory

    X6800 OC 300X11=>3300Mhz
    SIS chipset could also reach FSB 300 stable?

    DFI 662-TMG/G

    1. Under 85 U.S. dollars Conroe supported M/B
    2. One PCI-E 16X for expansion card
    3. Two IDE ATA133 channels
    4. The heat generation is very acceptable for Northbridge during normal
    system operation.
    5. The Voltage/Frequency setting is considered as feature rich for All in one
    M/B products.
    6. Front Side Bus could reach 300Mhz stable.
    7. Well performed on USB high speed data transmission.

    1. does not support SATA II
    2. No DVI
    3. The temperature of Southbridge is slightly higher, suggest to add a heat
    sink for better heat absorption.
    4. The VGA performance is just enough for daily usage.
    5. No dual channel for memory.

    After the post of first review, some people think the price is slightly too high,
    perhaps it is because the price of SIS 661 M/B was just about 50~60 US
    dollars. SIS 662 is a whole new product, even though the improvement is not
    so large, it is still quite normal to have higher price in this IT industry.

    As we said previously,
    it will be a very economic PC solution to fit with Intel E4300 CPU or Pentium D
    805/PD915, plus add-on graphics card, this solution will offer outstanding

    Obviously there are still so many improvements SIS could do to refine this
    product, and as far as we concern, focus on All-in-one market segment will
    not be a cure for its long term survival.

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    nice, and cost only 50~60 US dollars !

    thanks for your post.



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